Therapy Dog Training


Therapy Dog Training TampaDog’s are amazing therapy. You and your dog can provide healing and happiness to someone in need!

Do you want to be able to brighten someone’s day with your dog?

Therapy dogs teams visit hospitals, children’s hospitals, nursing homes and other places in order to spread cheer to the sick, terminally ill, and elderly. The sheer presence of a dog immediately brings a smile and lifts spirits.

Would you like to take your dog into hospitals or nursing homes to help cheer up the sick or brighten the day of someone who is lonely?

Our Therapy Dog Training program teaches your dog to behave and obey commands in public places such as stores, airports, hospitals, and around a wide variety of distractions.

Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Leave it, Drop it, and Come are all taught with a wide variety of distractions.

Upon completion, your dog will be awarded a Therapy Dog Training Certificate and vest.

Therapy Dog Training  TampaNot only will you be able to help those in need of a smile, but you will also be able to enjoy your dog in public places without having to worry about his behavior.

Therapy Dog Training is available through a Board and Train program or through In Home Training

** All dogs must pass a behavior screening

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Angel is a true professional, she knows her stuff and clearly loves animals. – Alexisse, Tampa Fl