Feb 032015

Evelyn Vinny Diesel

“Angel’s Basics has been such a blessing for us. We found Angel at a time when we thought all hope was lost for our little Diesel. We had taken him to puppy classes when he was younger but never could get him to stop pulling on his leash and dragging us every time we went for a walk. It had gotten to the point where we would only take him out to potty because taking him for a walk was so unpleasant for us and for him. Angel came to our home and immediately Diesel was a huge fan. We learned how to establish dominance and boundaries in a way that was easy and helpful for Diesel. After a few sessions we decided to continue training to work on all of the things we wanted our little guy to be better at. I’m happy to say that Diesel is so much more confident and obedient. He now walks properly on his leash and with all the tips Angel gave us, I’m sure that DIesel will soon be a model pup. Thank you Angel for taking so much time with us and always making yourself available to meet with us and answer our questions.”
Evelyn, Vinny, and Diesel