Feb 032015

 Cathy Angel Ryan ShibaCathy, Angel, and Ryan with Shiba
“Meet Shiba—a 3.5 year old  Shiba-Inu/Jack Russell mix.  Does not bode well for a mild mannered, obedient animal.

We got her from the local Humane Society shelter and she had been in that environment for 6 months before we saw her cute pointy nose through the cage and fell in love.  We quickly brought this 15 pound dynamo home.  The only problem:  She thought she was “Queen Shiba” and had to be the leader of the pack.  Which simply would not do.  After reviewing the local pet training options, I was lucky to come across Angel’s Basics.  Having an in-home trainer in our case has been extremely beneficial as Shiba was not socialized as a young dog.

Let me tell you about Angel’s Basics results—my dog actually listens, is calm, and really enjoys the training sessions.  After several weeks, this dog is more serene, more obedient, and above all  seems to be happier in her role in the pack with us mere humans leading the way.  You’ll find that Angel has a real connection and patience with your beloved dog and will get them to do things you would never have thought possible.  Much of our training is about how Shiba’s people have been sending mixed and inconsistent signals to her, adding to Shiba’s sometimes confusion.  Angel has trained ALL of us, and has done so professionally and with warmth and kindness.

Angel, thanks for all that you have done to help Shiba become a wonderful member of our family!  We appreciate it more than you can ever know.”
-Cathy, Dave, Ryan and “Shiba” Cunningham