Feb 032015

Puppy Weeny Shiba

Puppy, Weeny, and Shiba
“Shiba’s first trip to the dog park had her growling and lunging at the other dogs—and that was just through the fence. Needless to say, we did not go in.

After a few sessions with Angel, (she even took Shiba home for several days to spend with her own family dogs and her local doggy daycare!) our dog did a complete 180!
I was amazed how Angel led Shiba through the dog gates then simply unhooked her leash and away Shiba went! I saw Shiba greeting the other dogs properly, even those with poor manners. Never would I have thought I would see that in such a short time, but the proof was in watching this dog socialize with the others so successfully and joyously.

Angel, thank you to you and your entire family for being a part of Shiba’s socialization. You’ve opened a new whole world for our family where we can feel comfortable taking Shiba out with us for our family excursions! Tell Jake, Puppy, and Weeny that Shiba says “Hi”. Especially Weeny. “