Dog Training Services


Dog Training St PetersburgWhat will you get out of training with us? A Dog That:

  • Is well behaved dog that will come when called
  • Will Sit, Down, Wait, Stay and Leave It on command
  • Behaves when guests come over
  • Won’t bolt out of the door
  • Doesn’t jump up or counter surf
  • Goes to his place when asked
  • Uses the bathroom outside

A well rounded member of the family

Balanced training methods along with clear boundaries and leadership will solve behavior problems as well as create a strong bond between you and your dog.

If you are looking for Dog Training in the Tampa / St. Petersburg area, Angel can help you! Contact her now!

Angel believes every dog is trainable no matter what the issue.

See what Angel’s dog training clients have to say:

Dog Training Tampa“my dog actually listens, is calm, and really enjoys the training sessions. After several weeks, this dog is more serene, more obedient, and above all seems to be happier in her role in the pack with us mere humans leading the way. You’ll find that Angel has a real connection and patience with your beloved dog and will get them to do things you would never have thought possible. ”






“Uses Proven Training methods and gets immediate results.” – Pete, Lithia Fl