Dog Socialization Field Trips


Dog Socialization in Tampa St PetersburgDo you want your your dog to be able to get out of the house and be well behaved around people, other dogs, and new sights and sounds?

Socialization field trips help with dog aggression, people aggression, anxiety, lunging on walks, fear of new sights and sounds, attacking or barking at moving objects (bikes, cars, runners, etc.) and more!

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Field trips are also perfect for socializing young puppies as well as any age dog.

A trainer will come pick your dog up and take them out while you are busy / not home, or you are welcome to meet your trainer at the location and join in on the experience to learn how to handle your dog in public situations. Training may be conducted at a park, dog park, store or other public location.

Field Trips are perfect for socializing your puppy or any age dog that is under socialized. Trips focus on leash manners, greeting people and other dogs and being calm in public.

Angel is a true professional, she knows her stuff and clearly loves animals. – Alexisse, Tampa Fl