Board and Train – Tampa / St Petersburg


dog board and trainNo time to train? Our Board and Train program located in the Tampa / St Petersburg area is conducted in a home environment with a certified dog trainer. We focus on your dog’s specific problem areas. On and off leash training is completed through this program.

Board and Train is perfect for those who want their dog to be reliably trained on and off leash in a short time frame, the busy owner with limited free time, and older owners with limited mobility that are unable to work with their dogs in between sessions.

We focus on your dog’s specific problem areas 727-698-1038

For 3-4 weeks your dog will be socialized, exposed to other dogs, cats, children and public places. Specific problem behaviors will be addressed according to your needs.

When you come to pick up your newly trained member of the family they will be coming when called (on and off leash) , sitting and laying down on command, waiting politely at doorways, walking calmly by your side, going to their “place”, calm around guests, and ready to be a well balanced member of your family. All commands will be transferred to you and you will be given direction in your home.


Availability is limited. Contact us to schedule!

“Angel is a true professional, she knows her stuff and clearly loves animals. – Alexisse, Tampa Fl”

Providing Dog Training and Boarding to the Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida area.