About Angel

Angel Ravida

Angel Ravida

I live in Saint Petersburg with my daughter (Kaily), Australian Shepard (Jake), and two Miniature Dachshunds (Weeny and Puppy). I Served 9 years in the United States Marine Corps. When the time came to move on I decided to dedicate my time doing something I love. Training dogs!

As a graduate of Animal Behavior College I have always had a strong love of animals and am very passionate about training. I believe training should be a fun bonding experience. I incorporate balanced training methods with clear rules and boundaries to make training effective and enjoyable for both you and your dog. My mission is to keep as many dogs in their homes where they belong as possible.Every dog is trainable, no matter what the issue. Owner education is crucial.

International Assoc Canine Professionals





“She is amazing at what she does! Cabo and I are so very glad to have met her!!” – Katie, Saint Pete Fl